Thomas A. Trent

President, Senior Helpers, Greensburg, PA

As an owner of a Senior Helpers franchise for over 10 years we have had many positive and negative experiences with various vendors over the years. We have been a client of Employer Incentives for many years (5+} and have been extremely pleased. The concept of tax credits was completely new to us when Senior Helpers Franchising introduced us to Ken Brice and his team. A born skeptic, I discussed the program with my accountant and he explained that the credits result in dollar for dollar savings directly off the bottom line of our taxes and he recommended that we try it.

The process is extremely easy for a business owner and the savings can be significant depending on the population from which you are hiring. It saved me over $13,000 last year alone. If you are a Senior Helpers owner and not taking advantage of this free money, I encourage you to sign up with Employer Incentives. They are great to work with and prepare all of the tax documents that your accountant needs to realize the savings.