Laura Boutilier-Reed

Founder and Executive Director, Blue Rose Legacy Home Care

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation for Employer Incentives.

As the owner of a non-medical in-home care organization and as part of The Seniors Choice I had heard about Employer Incentivives (“EI”) a couple of times and I decided to give them a try because I kept hearing that it was “free money”.

I found my experience to be so much better than I expected. El earned our company over $511,000.00 in tax credits last year. They make it incredibly easy by sending you exactly the forms you need (there are only two simple forms for employees to complete) with as much information pre-populated as possible.

All we need to do is have the new hire complete the forms and sign and mail them in every new hire training date. After El determines eligibility and gets the employees qualified for the specific tax credits, they ask for salary information from us each period that the employee qualifies. El uses that information to calculate the credits and the information is returned to us immediately (literally in minutes).

This has been the easiest revenue our company has ever earned!! This is a no brainer for us. It is indeed “free money” that will be left on the table if you do not work with a company like El or if you do not go through the cumbersome paperwork to work with the different agencies to qualify employees yourself. The only thing we have to remember to do is respond to the email requests for salary information and to provide the tax credit information to our accountant at tax time. I would encourage all employers to use as we do. The service is outstanding and the money comes to us so easily. l would never have time to do this on my own. Thank you so much Employer incentives!!!!