Fred Holbert

CFO, InspiriTec

InspiriTec, an employer of over 150 veterans performing in IT Help Desk and Contact Center positions, has been a client of EmployerIncentives for over 7 years. To date, they have saved our firm over $1,010,000 in Employer Social Security Taxes by managing the very complicated process of screening and qualifying tax credits for our veteran employees.

Their process is easy to install and requires little to maintain. At the end of the year, they provide us with all the necessary paperwork needed to file our returns and realize the benefit. Additionally, we appreciate their performance-based model that charges InspiriTec based solely on the credits they deliver.

Ken Brice and his staff are exceptional in understanding the programs and always seek to maximize our credits.

It is in every company’s best interest to call and have them get this program established. I can with all confidence recommend