Our Process



We’ve taken all the guesswork out of it and developed proven processes that are geared to operate within a client’s work environment and can be customized to better suit each client’s workflow.

  • Each new hire completes the required forms. All forms are available in English and Spanish.
    • Forms can be added to your application or new hire packages
    • Forms must be filled out prior to the employee’s start date.
    • Number of forms will depend on the number of programs you have elected to subscribe to.
      • WOTC only – only two forms are required.
      • Other credits/incentives – typically one additional form per program.

 Forms are submitted securely to EmployerIncentives.com via:

  • Sharefile
  • Fax
  • USPS
  • Our Tax Service Reps (“TSR”) review and then submit these forms to the appropriate agency with backing documentation to improve qualification rate.

The federal programs are administered by an agency in each state.  State programs are administered by separate state agencies.

  •  Each form is reviewed by our TSRs and checked for eligibility.
  • Any incomplete applications are resolved with our client

Each state has its own backup and support requirements.

  • Most states are online which improves the turnaround of determinations. Other states require mail-in of applications within the appropriate time frames.
  • WOTC has a 28-day window from hire date to submission
  • Other programs have their own processing time frames.
  • Any determinations that are denied or need more information are followed up by our TSR with our clients according to their specific instructions. An initial determination is made to assure the appeal/follow up warrants the effort.

Employer Incentives collects wage data from year-to-date payroll reports to calculate the credits on a quarterly or monthly basis.

Annually, Employer Incentives sends all required documentation to your team for filing with your return, including the required tax forms, the reconciliation of the year’s credits and copies of all certifications received for support.

Our services are 100% contingency based meaning we don’t get paid until you do.  Your success is our success.