About Us


Employer Incentives (“EI”) is a full-service provider of credits and incentives services. Started in 1996 by Ken Brice who recognized the importance of federal and state income tax credits to the success of a business. He has grown into a company with hundreds of clients across the US, some going back to our first days in business. We act as partners with our clients and share in the success. We never charge a fee until we’ve delivered results.

“JR Cigar in Whippany, NJ was our first client. Not having any experience in sales, I walked in to a meeting with the CFO and payroll manager and started my dog-and-pony show. I had sent Mark some information on the program earlier and it only took less than 5 minutes for them to sign up. I gave the required documents to the payroll manager and we were off and running.  21 years later they are still a client and to date have saved over $578,000 in taxes.

“Our strength and what separates us from our competition is our commitment to review every application received. There have been many instances where new hires didn’t indicate they were a member of a targeted group which were picked up and submitted by one of our Tax Service Reps. This eye-balling of all applications assures we generate a larger number of certifications for our clients, something that can not be replicated by a machine reading an electronic form.

“We are continually researching state and other local taxes and incentives for our current clients as well as enhancing our product offering to new companies. There are very lucrative credits at the State level that most companies are unaware of or who don’t believe it is worth their time to pursue. We take all the guesswork out of the decision and help clients and prospects apply for and get these hiring incentives to increase profits, cash and stakeholder equity.

“As I’ve always said, there is no business reason not to take advantage of this program. It’s truly found money which is why I went all in back in 1996.”

Ken Brice, President