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Managed WOTC, Empowerment Zone and state tax credit solutions help you grow your business
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Get started saving money with tax credits today!
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Easy paperless and touchless solutions
100% compliant with all privacy policies
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We do all the work, you get all the credits

We help businesses save money by finding and helping them secure tax credits to lower their tax liability and raise their bottom line.

We help you grow your business

We are a full service tax credit administration company. It’s all we do, and we only get paid when you do. No upfront cost, no set up fees. It’s what drives us to get you the most tax credits possible for your business.

Contact us for a free tax credit consultation for your business.

We will get back to you within 1 business day.


See what our customers are saying. turns our HR department into a profit center. Due to our levels of turnover and new staff we always considered programs like these to be too much of an administrative headache to manage, even though we knew the savings could be significant.

Barbara Roden, Owner
Senior Helpers – Farmington Hills, Michigan

- Barbara Roden

InspiriTec, an employer of over 150 veterans performing in IT Help Desk and Contact Center positions, has been a client of for over 7 years. To date, they have saved our firm over $1,010,000 in Employer Social Security Taxes by managing the very complicated process of screening and qualifying tax credits for our veteran employees.

Fred Holbert, CFO

- Fred Holbert

NY Community Financial (The Check Cashing Place) has been a customer of since January 2009. Over the past 11 years, they have found over $2.9 million in federal income tax credits and cash refunds that we wouldn’t have taken advantage of – and, we didn’t have to change anything we were doing to get it.

Doug Frank, Director of Finance
NY Community Financial – the Check Cashing Place

- Doug Frank


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COVID Relief Act of 2022 legislation

Small Business COVID Relief Act of 2022 legislation
The following is a letter regarding the Small Business COVID Relief Act of 2022 legislation

May 19, 2022

On Tuesday, Senate Majority

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Employee Retention Credit Help: Essential Info For 2022

Employee Retention Credit Help: Essential Info For 2022
The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) helped businesses stay open when the pandemic started. In 2020, the White House implemented the CARES Act

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A Case Study of the Employee Retention Tax Credit

A Case Study of the Employee Retention Tax Credit
The Employee Retention Tax Credit can be a very useful rebuilding tool for many of the hotels and restaurants in the

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