How We Work

Benefiting from the state and IRS tax credits and incentives you are entitled to is easy when you call EmployerIncentives. Here’s how it works …

Your Part

We will ask you to:

  • Complete our general agreement along with a Power of Attorney authorizing EmployerIncentives to represent you in each state where you have employees.
  • Provide your hiring manager with two forms (which we will supply), and have these forms completed for each new hire. These forms will give us all the information we need to find the state and IRS tax credits and incentive programs the applicants are eligible for. 
  • Send the newly completed forms to EmployerIncentives on a weekly basis. They can either be mailed in or electronically transmitted. If you currently have an onboarding system, these required forms can easily be added and transmitted electronically.

Our Part

Every time you send us a new hire’s forms, we will:

  • Research state and IRS tax credits and incentive programs for the new hire.
  • File the required information with the appropriate authorities for certification.
  • Follow up actively on every application we submit.
  • Gather additional information if it is required for a given certification.
  • Calculate the state and IRS tax credits based on earnings information.
  • Prepare all applicable tax forms along with copies of all certifications.
  • Provide year-end reconciliations to verify savings.


We do all the work; you get all the credits!

Call EmployerIncentives at (888) 236-7339.