Tax Credits Blog


December 16, 2014


H.R. 5771, Tax Increase Prevention Act, passed the Senate tonight by a vote of 76-16.  Sixty votes were required for passage.

Text of the bill is available at, click on “Legislation” and insert HR 5771.


WOTC is retroactive to January 1, 2014 and applies to employees who commence work for the employer through December 31, 2014.


We will notify you of the date the bill is signed by the President, which is the effective date of the provisions of the Act.

It’s regrettable that gross miscues by the White House and House Leaders ruined a good bill and led to extension of only one year.  We must put that behind us and in the last week of December we’ll present outlook and objectives for next year’s campaign.  We’ll launch as soon as the new Congress is seated on January 6.


Loads of thanks to all who participated in the campaign—your hard work and determination brought us this far and will carry us through 2015.


A Merry Christmas to all!



President, WOTC Coalition