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December 4, 2014


The Senate adjourned tonight without action on HR 5771, the Tax Prevention Act of 2014 passed by the House yesterday.

The Senate will reconvene on Monday, December 18th, for the last week of the lame duck session.

Senator Reid has told the Senate to be prepared for a long week and possibly longer.

The latest word from the Majority Leader today is, “We’re still trying to do tax extenders.”


During the last week of a session a single senator can kill a bill by filibustering.  At such times, the two Leaders are in continuous negotiations over bills or amendments other senators want. 


Senator Reid and Senator McConnell will be working privately this weekend with senators to dispose of matters they want dealt with in the remaining important bills—Omnibus Appropriations, Defense Authorization, and Tax Extenders.


Right now, what’s holding up a two-year tax extender bill is the question of what precisely should go into a Senate amendment to H.R. 5771—Republicans have provisions they would like to see, and  Democrats have been unable to agree to some.  At this point they’ve boxed themselves in and Senator Reid and Senator McConnell are still talking about what can be done.


If Reid and McConnell can’t resolve matters this weekend there’s still a way forward, and that’s for the Leaders to bring an amendment to H. R. 5771 that only changes the expiration date from end-2014 to end-2015. 


Our lobbying can help them out.  Let’s re-double our efforts with senators tomorrow and Monday.  Reserve those whom you know are already supportive of a two-year extension, and reach out to other senators of your state, or states where you have operations, and press them to support amending H.R. 5771 to change the expiration date from 2014 to 2015.  Tell them the Senate should be able to agree on that much—even Ways and Means Chairman Dave Camp said after passing H.R. 5771 that a two-year extension would be more effective.



President, WOTC Coalition