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No new news since they've come back from vacation

Apparently the Congress has more pressing issues than WOTC and EZ so we're not hearing any jungle drums about the extensions from them.  We are, however,hearing from states that are rolling out new online systems (New Mexico, Michigan) to capture WOTC enrollments, states are indicating that there may be a "look back" period where companies can submit hires in 2014 that they hadn't submitted before so we're still bullish tha the programs are in the pile.  It may take until after the midterm elections to get the signatures needed but confidence levels are high.  How do you think Walmar, GM and HomeDepot and other huge corporations would like to take an earnings hit because they don't get their credits?  Not very likely - so we have the lobbying power of these companies behind us.


Don't stop sending in forms - those that make the 28 day window will be the first reviewed one the programs are re-authorized.  In a worse case scenario, its only costing some time on the new hires orientation and $.49 stamps.  Better safe than sorry.


If you have any questions, call me.


Ken Brice