Tax Credits Blog


As most of you are aware, states are still behind in processing 2013 credits and in some cases 2012 credits.  These credits are for employees hired in 2013 which technically should be taken on your 2013 tax return.  As is our policy every year, we want to hold off as long as we can before we wrap up the year.  As most companies have a 12/31/13 tax year end which needs to be filed either 3/15/14 or 4/15/14, depending on the structure of the company, we plan on holding off wrapping up the year until 3/1/14.  At that time we will run all the year end reports for you and get them to you by 3/7/14 at the latest.
If you have a different tax year or are planning on filing an extension, please let us know so we can accommodate your tax reporting needs.