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New 9600 Forms Are Coming!

In our perpetual and persistent quest for Tax Credits for our clients, we have found that some of the target groups are more difficult to get certified than others. The more information we can extract from each employee at the time they sign the forms, the faster they will be certified. Not to mention that trying to get target group proof from a recently (or long) terminated employee can be an awkward process, one that I’m sure their employer would rather not undertake especially if the termination wasn’t pleasant. This is a great way to increase your certification rate, as some state agencies will deny people if the supporting docs don’t come in on time.

To this end, we are in the process of submitting a new form 9600 for approval. This new 9600 will be more detailed, and will prompt the employer to submit supporting documentation if the employee checks off certain target groups. This way we can submit the docs to the State Workforce Agencies sooner and head them off at the pass, sort of speak.

But, with this new form everyone must realize that the 28 day window still applies. Ask the employee for the supporting docs, but you still have to mail us the 8850 and 9600 with enough time for us to process and file them. If the employee doesn’t get you the docs in time, that’s ok. We can submit them later, as long as the original forms are there in time.

So, be on the lookout for a new form in your inbox, and be sure to replace the current 9600 you are using. Increase your certification rate, increase your credits, increase your free money, and lower your bottom line.