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New York Explains Backlog

From a letter from Russell J. Oliver, Bureau Chief, Division of Employment and Workforce Solutions, State of New York to Ken Brice of CFO Resources:


"As you [are] aware, we were unable to completely process WOTC applications during calendar year 2012 due to the lack of federal legislation. Once we received approval in January 2013, we immediately worked to decrease our Other states also experienced a backlog because of this situation. 


"Additionally, under IRS Notice 14-2013, temporary relief was granted to employers who did not file their applications during the hiatus. This notice lifted the 28 day timeliness requirement, as long as applications were filed by April 29, 2013, for any hires from January 1, 2012 through March 31, 2013. This relief created a large number of applications to be submitted, impacting our backlog. 


"In order to address the backlog, we have added additional staff and are looking into better automating our processes. We are hopeful that we will not experience a delay in federal authorizing legislation in the future. Providing the best services to our state's businesses is our goal. Even with delays outside our control, we will continue to work had to meet this goal."


So it seems like New York is finally getting on the ball with the WOTC applications that they have pending from us. Keep sending in those forms, and we'll keep getting you those credits.