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WOTC gets bipartisan support

Good news out of the WOTC Planet today - there seems to be an agreement among leaders on both sides of the isle that the WOTC and Empowement Zone Tax Credit programs will be extended through December 2013, retroactive to 1/1/12.  I never doubted it and the only question in my mind was when and were there going to be any changes.  Had they not been extended, companies like Walmart and Home Depot and other major corporations would take a serious profit hit so the lobbying effort is paying off.  More and more companies are finding out about this hidden gold nugget and taking advantage of the program by simply sending in the required paperwork.  SInce the program has been "cancelled" as of 12/31/11, EI has been encouraging its clients to continue to send in paperwork on its new hires and it looks like its paying off.