A Jobs Plan for Minnesota

Getting Minnesota back to work is a top priority this legislative session. To help get Minnesota back to work, Governor Mark Dayton and Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party Legislators have come together to create a series of proposals designed to help businesses create more good jobs in Minnesota. This new job growth plan focuses on things that have proven to work: providing businesses with new incentives to create jobs, improving workforce development and training, and investing in infrastructure. These investments in the state’s economy and future prosperity will help position Minnesota for success by putting thousands of Minnesotans back to work.

If passed, this jobs bill will create among other things a New Jobs Tax Credit focused on immediate job creation. It would provide businesses with a $3,000 tax credit for each unemployed Minnesotan, Veteran or recent graduate hired in calendar year 2012 and a $1,500 credit for each new hire through June 2013. This $35 million initiative would create over 10,000 new, private-sector jobs each year.