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Tax Extenders Bill introduced to Congress

November 27, 2018


Chairman Brady introduced his tax extenders and technical corrections bill last night, and the Rules Committee has scheduled the bill for a House vote this week.

The bill extends most expired provisions—including Empowerment Zones Employment Credit and Indian Employment Credit—to the end of 2018.

Brady’s playing his hand means we can give our full attention to the Senate Finance Committee to get a better bill.

A copy of the bill is attached. 


Provisions related to WOTC:

  • Section 138 extends Indian Employment Tax Credit for 2018.
  • Section 143 extends Empowerment Zone Employment Credit for 2018.
  • Section 203 authorizes an employee retention credit for disaster areas, including Hurricanes Florence and Michael, designated wildfires, and Hawaii/Pacific territories.  Check the bill for disaster areas and dates for which the credit is allowed.

The bill contains matters other than extenders and technical corrections, such as retirement funds and electronic filing with IRS.  There’s an up-front index you can check for matters of interest.


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