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Securing hiring tax credits, and wage subsidies can save your company thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of dollars every year. EmployerIncentives is your number one resource to get these benefits and hiring tax credits for your business.

EmployerIncentives has been engaged in researching and obtaining federal and state tax incentives and hiring tax credits for businesses since 1996. We currently work with over 200 companies: saving them millions in taxes every year, improving their bottom line, building their market value, and increasing their stakeholder equity. We are ready to do the same for you.

With EmployerIncentives, saving money through hiring tax credits and other governmental tax incentives is easy: you complete two to three forms for each new hire, and leave the rest up to us! Take a look at How We Work to see how simple the process is.

Whereas other firms only apply for WOTC tax credits for businesses, EmployerIncentives goes above and beyond, gaining you a wide range of lucrative hiring tax credits and incentives at both the federal and state levels. We also handle all the tax forms and year-end reconciliations for you! See exactly How You Benefit when you work with EmployerIncentives.

Since we don’t charge until we deliver, you pay nothing out-of-pocket and are assured a guaranteed return. Contact us today to get all the money you are entitled to – just for hiring people and growing your business!

Get the incentives and tax credits your business is entitled to:

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