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Both the federal and state governments offer billions of dollars every year in hiring and tax incentives. Unfortunately, these hiring and tax incentives are not advertised or promoted, so businesses typically fail to take advantage of the significant savings they can bring.

At EmployerIncentives, we will help you secure the following hiring and tax incentives:

  • Tax credits: Tax credits for hiring are designed to drive job creation, employee training, capital investment, and new business development.
  • Wage subsidies: A wage subsidy program reimburses the employer – either in whole or in part – for a qualified individual’s wages for a set period of time.

Finding appropriate tax credits and wage subsidies is a time- and resource-intensive process. The paperwork to actually secure the tax incentives is complex and tedious. Fortunately, you don’t have to waste valuable time, effort, and personnel on locating and securing tax incentives for your company: EmployerIncentives does all the work for you! We will:

  • Secure the tax incentives for your business.
  • Calculate the amount of tax credit your company has earned on each individual.
  • Generate the required tax forms to support the amount of credit you’ve received.

Our services are free until we actually save you money. We then invoice you for a small percentage of the total savings you benefit from.

Additionally, we never stop looking for ways to save you money. We constantly have our ear to the ground for new programs that might positively affect our clients. You’re not an “account” here: at EmployerIncentives, we treat all our clients as individuals and partners. We are here to help you take advantage of all the tax incentive programs you can!


Discover the tax incentives that can save you money:

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