Tax Credits


Every year, companies can benefit from an estimated $60 billion in federal, state, and local employment tax credits and incentives. These employment tax credits are designed to drive job creation, employee training, capital investment, and new business development.

Consider just one of the employment tax credits available: the federally-run Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC). Approximately 10% of the employees a company will hire will be eligible for this employment tax credit, with the average federal tax credits for 2018 being at least $1,500 per employee.

If you had just ten qualified hires, the employment tax credits for the year from this single program would save your company approximately $15,000. Larger employers can easily save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. And that is just one employment tax credit out of many state and federal programs! Click here to determine the potential tax savings for your company.

Employer Incentives can quickly uncover all the state and federal tax credits annually that your company is eligible for. Even if you don’t believe that you hire the types of people who qualify for employment tax credits, we encourage you to give us a call: the likelihood is that you will be pleasantly surprised at the number of employees you hire who do qualify for employment tax credits – and at the income tax savings they will bring you!


Discover the employment tax credits you are eligible for:

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