How You Benefit

Why call EmployerIncentives to see what employer tax credits and hiring incentives your new hires are eligible for? Here are ten great reasons!

  • Save money.With EmployerIncentives, filing taxes becomes an opportunity for saving money! We find the employer tax credits you are entitled to, and you pocket the profit.
  • Reduce costs.Hiring incentives and tax credits can help companies succeed in today’s lean economy by significantly reducing the costs of hiring new employees.
  • Save time.You don’t have to waste valuable time, effort, and personnel on locating and securing employer tax credits and hiring incentives: we’ll do all the work for you!
  • Avoid headaches.We will calculate the amount of employer tax credits your company has earned on each individual and provide year-end reconciliations to verify savings.
  • Avoid paperwork.We make filing taxes simple by generating the required tax forms to support the amount you’ve received in employer tax credits and tax incentives.
  • Hire strategically.We continually develop relationships with companies that provide qualified “pre-certified” job applicants for interviews. You can take advantage of this service and increase the percentage of new hires that qualify for employer tax credits.
  • Increase value.By pouring profits back into your company, you will increase your stakeholder equity and market value.
  • Experience service.You’re not an “account” here: at EmployerIncentives, we treat all our clients as individuals and partners. We are here to help you take advantage of all the employer tax credits and tax incentive programs you can!
  • Enjoy excellence.We never stop looking for ways to save you money. We constantly have our ear to the ground for new employer tax credit programs that might positively affect our clients.
  • Pay nothing.There are no start-up fees or upfront costs. You don’t pay a cent until you see the tax savings rolling in!


Save money, save time, save hassle:

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