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Fred Holbert, CFO, InspiriTec

“InspiriTec, an employer of over 150 veterans performing in IT Help Desk and Contact Center positions, has been a client of EmployerIncentives.com for over 7 years. To date, they have saved our firm over $1,010,000 in Employer Social Security Taxes by managing the very complicated process of screening and qualifying tax credits for our veteran … Read more

Joseph Coleman, President, Rite Check

RiteCheck has been a client of EmployerIncentives.com since May 2004. In those 16 years they have delivered over $909,000 in tax credits and other incentives. The process was easy to set up and their operational procedures were easy to incorporate into our hiring practices. EmployerIncentives.com has always been responsive to our needs and continually introduces … Read more

Barbara Roden, Owner, Senior Helpers Farmington Hills, Michigan

Employerlncentives.com turns our HR department into a profit center. Due to our levels of turnover and new staff we always considered programs like these to be too much of an administrative headache to manage, even though we knew the savings could be significant. Employerincentives.com is the “medicine” that cures that headache. We ship our forms … Read more